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Chemiluminescence Principle

Double oxalate ester and hydrogen peroxide, excited fluorescent pigment molecules, fluorescent pigments in the form of light energy to release energy and produce light.

Luminescence intensity : 700-900 lumen, the maximum can be 2000 lumen above, and it can be last for 0.5-72 hours. 

Light stick features: No power,

by the chemical energy directly into light,

Luminescence long time, high brightness

no open flame, static electricity, color,

novelty appearance, non-toxic harmless,

non-radioactive, non-flammable and non-explosive

Light stick can be widely used in: Emergency lighting, concert, dance, birthday, parties, weddings, banquets, parties, festivals, celebrations, outings, camping and other outdoor lighting and decorative occasions; 

As a professional distributor having conncetions with largest global producer specialized in chemiluminescence, Agile Science & Technology provide you a vareity of products including CPPO, CIPO, various fluorescent dyes, solvents.

Oxalate ester

Oxalate ester

Oxalate ester

Lumnescence sovlent

Fluorescence dye

Oxidation sovlent

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