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       It is easy to use 


  • To activate Agileclean, bend stick to break the glass inner tube.

  • After activation, the disinfectant gradually diffuses through the outer special synthetic tube and thus inhibit the growth of bacteria in in the fridge.

  • It is completely harmless to humans because no use of open chemicals.

  • It defintely freshens you fridge 

  • It reduces the cost of electrcity 

We Guarantee you can feel safe!



  • Using nanotechnology that allows active ingredient chlorine dioxide gas release sustainably and prevents the liquid inside permeating out the rod to avoid contaminating  the food in the fridge.


  • The active ingredient chlorine dioxide reviewed and certified by WHO to the safety level AI.  Approved by FDA (food and drug administration) and EPA ( environmental protection agency) as non-toxic ingredient, which can be used as additives in food processing.


  • Using the technology of sustained release to control the rate of chlorine dioxide to a safety level, which prevent overdose of chlorine dioxide release

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