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Q.What is Agileclean Refrigerator Guard?


Agileclean Refrigerator guard is the solution for a hygienic and germ free refrigerator because Agileclean inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould (mildew), spores, viruses and fungi and thereby ensures a long-lasting freshness in the refrigerator and a much longer storage (shelf) life of the foods.

Q.How Agileclean works?
Simply bend the tube to break the glass inner tube which enables the fluids to mix and start to react with each other.  The fluid appears to be yellow. stick on or lay down the Agileclean in the upper front area of the refrigerator.  After activation the active ingredient, chlorine dixoide gradually diffuses through the outer special synthetic tube and thus inhibits the growth of the bacteria and neutralize the odor and bad smells existed in the fridge.
Q.What is the active ingredient? 
The active ingredient - Chlorine Dioxide has been used for over 50 years to disinfect drinking water. Chlorine dioxide is an antimicrobial disinfectant used to control harmful microorganism including bacteria, virus, and fungus inanimate objects and surfaces primarily in indoor environment 

Chlorine dioxide is registered with EPA (Registration No. 74986-1), and is considered an excellent bactericide, fungicide and antimicrobial agent. It has passed the EPA’s stringent DIS/TISS guidelines for use as a disinfectant and as a food-contact surface sanitizer.


The FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have approved stabilized sodium chlorite (a precursor) and chlorine dioxide in food processing plants for sanitizing and controlling bacteria and mold.


Chlorine dioxide is currently under EPA review as a surface sanitizer for E. coli O157:H7 and drug-resistant Salmonella. It is also currently under EPA review as a virucide for HIV and Hepatitis A and for use as a fungicide, virucide and algaecide.

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