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What is Agileclean Refrigerator Guard?


Agileclean Refrigerator guard is the solution for a hygienic and germ free refrigerator because Agileclean inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould, spores, viruses and fungi and thereby ensures a long-lasting freshness in the refrigerator and a much longer storage (shelf) life of the foods.


Facts of the active ingredient

The active ingredient - Chlorine Dioxide has been used for over 50 years to disinfect drinking water. 












Seeing is Believing 


It is very difficult to visualize the bacteria and the active ingredient, chlorine dioxide is also

barely visible. However, you can prove the effectiveness and benefits of Agileclean

Refrigerator guard through a very simple and easy experiment at home. 


Experiment instructions:

1.Prepare two transparent bowels or bottles with same size filled in water to a certain level


2.Put little bit bread crumbs in each bowel/bottle


3.Put one activated Agileclean Refrigerator Guard in one bowel/bottle and the another bowel/bottle without Agileclean Refrigerator Guard as the comparative sample


4.Place two bowels/bottles in a dry and cool place. Notes: avoid sun shining the bottles/bowels


5.Observe the changes of each bowel/bottle for one week


6.After one week the bottle without Agileclean Refrigerator Guard smells bad and the water in the bottle foams and decays, which is very awful. In the contrast, the sample with Agileclean Refrigerator guard is fresh as one week ago.



Agileclean Refrigerator Guard inhibits the growths of bacteria and neutralizes the odor from food. Agileclean refrigerator Guard can achieve great freshness and deodorization for fridge.




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