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Washing Machine Cleaner

Washing Machine Cleaner

Additive active enzyme, remove dirt and bacteria hidden in the washing tank
Deep cleaning for black stains, stubborn dirt, soap scum, eliminate bacteria, mildew and odor.

Issue hidden in the washing tank
Primarily detergent, laundry soap scum residue and hidden dirt would accumulate in the washing machine drum and the outer cylinder. Under darkness and humidity the bacteria in the washing tank would multiply and ferment, causing the odor and pollution.
Washing tank cleaner is an innovative formula to figure out this issue. It would primarily decompose and soften the soap scum residue and other dirt accumulated, so that stubborn stains, scums would easily drain out with water discharge.

Note: we suggest cleaning washing tank every two months. Clean it frequently if you often use washing machine
How to use:
For impeller type washing machine
Dissolve two cup of cleaner and pour to the bottom of the washing machine (try 4-5 cups for first time user.
Set water level to higher level and operate 5-10 minutes (40 Celsius must be suitable water temperature)
Turn off washing machine and let it soak 2-3 hours if you clean it first time
Clean as usual as how washing machine operate

For Drum type washing machine
Dissolve 4-5 cups of cleaner and pour into the bottom of the washing machine
Close the door of washing machine and set water level to the medium, bypass the pre-wash and let washing machine operate 5-10 minutes
Turn off and soak for 2-3 hours
Clean as usual as how washing machine operate

Don’t eat. If accidentally swallow, please drink a lot of water
Store in the cool and dry place; avoid contact with fire and keep it away from children
Don’t wash clothes with washing tanker cleaner
If cleaner contacts your eyes, wash with water immediately. Consult doctor if necessary
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