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Orange oil 300ml

Orange oil 300ml

Extract from natural orange, enhance the beauty of the wooden grain.

Orange oil is an advanced technology product for the clean and care for the high-end wooden furniture and plates. It contains natural cellulite cream, with excellent function of cleaning, sterilization, antibacterial, odor removal and polishing. The wooden furniture and plates would absorb natural nutrient released from orange wax so that improve the quality and the beauty of wood texture.

Where to use:
Wooden /consolidated compound floor; wooden furniture, bamboo and rattan products
How to use:
After remove the stain and dirt on the wooden surface, spray some orange oil on the dry mop, rag, or sponge and clean the wooden surface.
Spread some orange wax on the mop, rag or sponge, and clean the wooden surface
After 15 minutes absorption of orange extract, use dry rag to polish

Avoid the high temperature; keep away from heat, sparks and flame
2. Avoid contacting skin for long time
3. Use proper amount of orange oil to reduce waste and to avoid slipping due to the grease
4. Keep out of the reach of children, do not sallow. If swallowed, immediately go to hospital for medication rather than induce vomiting by yourself.
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