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Kitchen cleaner

Kitchen cleaner

Lemon flavor 
Where to use:
Used in the kitchen area with greasy dirt, such as the hood, exhaust fan, gas stove. It is also used in the kitchen counters and sink with grease

About the product:
Non- phosphorus formula. Dissolve greasy dirt in a second. Lemon is a confortable flavor

How to use:
Rotate the nozzle to SPRAY, and spray directly to the greasy dirt, wipe by rag.
Active ingredients:
Plant surfactant, solvent, natural essential oil etc.

Keep kitchen cleaner away from children. Don’t let them touch the cleaner
Don’t drink
If spray on eyes, wash with water immediately
Wash your hand if the liquid touched on your hand for a long time. Wear glove if possibly when use

6.Leather decontamination emulsion
Superoxide active
Cleaning, freshening, healthy, environmental friendly
Net weight: 400 mL

What’s special?
Contain special ingredients: Mild abrasives that can easily remove stubborn dirt, decontaminate, clean, polish in a second. It is the cleaning expert for the leather

Active ingredient:
Surfactant, natural orange extract, ultra-fine abrasive particles

Where to use:
Leather products such as leather bag, leather shoes, leather coach etc.
How to use:
Please trial on unimpressive part of the leather
Keep it away from children; don’t swallow it. Go to hospital in emergency
If spill on eyes, wash with water immediately. Don’t rub eyes when touch the emulsion
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