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House Pet Spray

About the product
The FDA approved materials non-toxic and safe
Keep your pets protected from virus, bacteria and parasites
Great product for keeping your pets fresher, away from bacteria, and eliminating odor
Active ingredients:
Natural plant CSAA active agent, natural essential oil
How to use:
For pets
Rotate nozzle to SPRAY, spray on your pets, and then comb your pets’ hair. Avoid spray on mouth, nose and eyes of your pets
Pet cages
Spray evenly on the area of pet cages, and wipe cages after 10 minutes
Where to use:
Pet’s hair, cages

1.Keep children away from the spray
2.Store in dry and cool place
3.If spray on your eyes, please wash with water immediately
4.Don’t eat, don’t drink. Go to hospital if emergency occurred.
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