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Glass Antifogging Agent

About the product
Non-phosphorus agent formula proved to prevent mist on your glass effectively and environmentally. Spray and wipe out to prevent mist on your glass. This product is also used in cleaning and preventing mist on windshield and goggle.

Where to use:
Car windshield, bathroom mirror, windows and goggle
How to use:
Rotate nozzle to SPRAY
Spray the antifogging agent to the clean rag 2 or 3 times and wipe your glass evenly.
Rotate nozzle back to OFF and place it vertically
Approximately you can use antifogging agent for 50-60 times

Use clean rag for cleaning to keep cleaning effectively
Don’t place it underneath the sun
Don’t let children touch it
Store in a cool and dry place
If spray on eyes, please wash with water immediately
Don’t eat; don’t drink go to hospital if emergency occurred
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