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Car Air Freshener (beneath seats) 4 Flavor

Car Air Freshener (beneath seats) 4 Flavor

Air fresher, safe, eliminating odor
Specific using for car air conditioner Net weight: 500ml

Eliminating 99.0% pathogen hidden in car air conditioner
Deodorizing through professional deodorizing agent
FDA approved formula for sanitation; non-toxic, non-harm for your car
Energy saving: save your 5%-10% of gas if you often use air freshener spray

How to use
Open hood and find car venter
Start the engine, turn AC off, adjust gear to outer circulation, make the fan to the maximum and close the window and door
Spay 250ml to the air outlet
Adjust to the inner circulation after 10 minutes
When bubble leaks out of air outlet, wipe out bubble
Open window and door of car 10 minutes after cleaning

Don’t stay in the car when cleaning
How often to clean:
Clean car air conditioner every quarter
In the summer, clean air conditioner every month
Where to use:
Air outlet, inner air conditioner and car circulation system
It’s only used in cleaning car air conditioner. Don’t let children touch it
Store in cool and dry place. If spray on eyes, please wash with water immediately. Don’t eat; don’t drink go to hospital if emergency occurred
Active ingredient: quaternary ammonium, alcohol, essential oil etc.
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