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Agileclean Balsam/ Agileclean fragrance cream

Improve interior environment of your car, eliminate(absorb)/inhibit formaldehyde

Product name: Agileclean fragrance cream
Fragrance: lemon, forest, peach, cologne
Active Ingredient: natural balsam fragrance, natural plant deodorizer
Surfactant activator, deionized water, edible gel
Purpose: deodorization, bacteria inhibition and second hand smoke removal
Using place: lobby, bedroom, study room, restroom and beneath car seats
Effective area: 9 square meters
Shelf life: 5 years
Use-by: 1 month (depends on temperature)
Manufacturer location: China

About use-by:
1.Once you open all of foil paper on top, the use-by period is around 1-2 months. It is recommended using in new cars or olds car which need strong fragrance to deodorize
2.If you open only 1/3 of foil paper on top, the use by period would last for 2-3 months.
3.If you only dig a small hole on foil paper, the use-by period is more than 3 months. This is a better way for normal cars, which need light fragrance.

About the Agileclean fragrance cream:
It is manufactured of natural material, which impose no harms on human. The fragrance can deodorize smell, relive stress, and refresh air.
Superior solid fragrance cream reserves exquisite extract of natural balsam and plant, which makes you feel confortable.
Advanced technology of fragrance diffusion, which is effective more than 90 days
A great choice of superior gift for your friends
Instruction: open the lid, get rid of foil platinum paper, put back lid and slightly crush until you heard crack. Place it beneath the car seats.
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