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Refrigerator Guard

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The Agileclean Products can be found at ebay and amazon. If you have further questions about purchasing or where to buy please email us at

When you open the fridge you would find fruits,veges,meat or dairy food had been moldy. You must be desperate because you bought the tomato yesterday and you have to dump them today. 


Agileclean Refrigerator Guard is the next big thing that can help you solve the problem. It is a fridge odor remover expert, which prevents food from decay and keeps food fresh and nice longer.


It's easy to use:

bend,shake, and stick on the inner wall of the refrigerator.

Maintaining the proper amount of chemical feed is critical to operating an effective water treatment system. Efficient and automated testing and monitoring of chemicals can lead to lower operating costs and higher system performance. One option for better control and testing of chemical treatment levels is utilizing products that include a fluorescent tracer.


A fluorescent dye marker is considered a label used to identify the presence of a particular molecule within an identified area. A flourophore is covalently attached to another molecule to effectively track its course and presence.

AgileTraceTM Products contain a fluorescent dye that is blended into the treatment product at a very precise ratio so the product treatment level can be measured and controlled.


AgileTraceTM, as the inertia fluorescent tracer, is never consumed in the recycling water system. The fluorescence quantum yield in the water solution can be achieved to 0.53, which demonstrated high efficiency of fluorescence. And its wavelength ranges between 355-365nm.  


The dyes are measured at ppb (parts per billion) levels that are proportional to the control ranges desired for each product.

Refrigerator Guard Testing Report


Agileclean Research Report

Agileclean Products Catalogue


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Disinfectant chemcials

Chemiluminescence Specialty Chemicals

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OLED functional material- RUBRANE

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Fine chemicals and intermediates - Near Infrared Laser Dye

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